Introducing new CenterEdge Business Intelligence Tool

You’re a busy operator and if you’re like us, you probably spend time wondering if you’re doing all you can to grow your business or operate more efficiently. You’ve heard in seminars all about the importance of being data-driven and making smarter decisions. But what does that even mean in the real world?

We feel your pain. That’s why we’re introducing the brand new CenterEdge Business Intelligence tool. As an enhancement to CenterEdge’s reports, the new dashboard will allow you to review your data in highly visual, dynamic ways so that you can analyze your operation – from admissions to front line and event sales, all the way to labor and team member data – faster than ever before. Best of all, as long as you have an active CenterEdge service agreement, it won’t cost you a thing.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • How are my sales comparing to this time last year? Last month? Last week?
  • How are my event sales and operations staff doing this week?
  • How often are people visiting my facility?
  • Who are my best team members? Who needs more training?
  • What’s my return on my labor investment dollar?

Or any of dozens of other important business questions, you’ll now have the answers to those questions at your fingertips, so that you can use data-driven insights to move the needle – in sales, marketing, cost efficiencies, recognition or wherever you see fit. 

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Request your CenterEdge Business Intelligence Dashboard* now by contacting For more information about using CenterEdge Business Intelligence, view our Help Documentation and video support.

*Active CenterEdge Service Agreement required. 

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