Save time, labor dollars, and give guests more control with the new self-service kiosk features.

Rising labor wages and shortages mean it might be time for your facility to offer guests a self-service experience to make purchases at your facility.

The CenterEdge development team has been hard at work building and testing new features for our self-service kiosk offering. We’re excited to announce new functionality that will allow you to offer guests even more autonomy when buying from you.

Why Self-Service?

One of the main lessons we learned in 2020 is that consumers desire choice in how they interact with your business. Many of our CenterEdge clients have spent the last year reimagining how they sell attraction tickets and manage capacity and have sold more online and by self-service kiosk than ever before.

Time-based, capacity-monitored attractions, packages, parties, and gift cards have long been essential items offered online and allow guests to complete waivers in advance. As consumers have changed how they want to interact with businesses, it makes sense to continue offering more items online and on self-service kiosks to allow guests more control over their experience. We’re excited to announce new item types that can be sold on your CenterEdge Self-service kiosk (requires the most recent software version).

Capacity and Non-Capacity Attraction Tickets

You can now sell waiver-required capacity and non-capacity tickets without waiver requirements at the self-service kiosk, such as an attraction ticket for laser tag, go-karts, jump sessions, or anything else. Tickets can be printed with or without a barcode, then scanned at the attraction for easy verification and inventory. You can print your customer’s name (if sold through capacity), attraction name, date, and session time on the tickets. This approach makes it easy for guests to know what laser tag session they’re scheduled for, allowing them to make the most of your other offerings while they wait.

Card Passes

You can also now sell passes to be loaded onto magstripe cards at the kiosk. As you might know, passes can be sold for any item in your facility, including attractions, merchandise, and even food items, which can be redeemed at various stations throughout the facility. Simply provide a supply of cards at the kiosk for guests to load when making their purchase, and then they’ll present their cards when redeeming their pass.

CenterEdge Gift Cards and Embed Game Cards

Boost revenue by allowing guests to purchase or reload their facility gift cards or Embed game cards right from your CenterEdge self-service kiosk. This makes it easy for guests to buy from you at Admissions and even easier when they want to add additional money onto their cards.


Now that you can sell passes and gameplay onto cards, you have even more flexibility. Creatively bundle attractions, retail items, gameplay, and food and beverages into attractive packages guests can redeem now or in the future.

For example, perhaps you want to sell a go-kart or laser tag session, a pizza, and a pitcher of soda. You can combine all of these onto a card which can then be used as payment media. Your guest can present the card to be scanned at the attraction, and then when they’re ready, they can present their card easily at the cafe to have their food order prepared.

Making it easier for guests to do business with you on their own terms is the name of the game. You benefit from needing fewer staff members, and guests can choose how they purchase and interact with you. A win for everyone.

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