Motivation tactics that can help you stay engaged – and winning.

Let’s face it. Over time, it can be easy for sales motivation to slip. You start getting lax about following processes, which in time may lead to lost sales. Those losses can diminish motivation even more, and soon it can feel like you can’t win. No fun.

But, there is hope! The good news is that it’s easy to jumpstart your sales motivation and your success rate.

Read on for seven tips to help you get back on the road to success today.

No. 1: Listen to a powerful playlist.

Athletes, gurus and many of the most successful people I know swear by exciting playlists to boost your mood to get ready for the day (or to get ready to make those sales calls). Get your car karaoke on during your drive to work, engage in a two-minute office dance party, or just sing at the top of your lungs in the shower to your favorite upbeat tunes to immediately boost your mood.

Motivational podcasts, a fun video, or a comedy clip can also help elevate your mood, so you’re ready to tackle what’s next. Just be careful not to get sucked into a Tik Tok rabbit hole watching videos of people hating on their jobs. Those lost minutes (hours) can make you feel worse than before; plus you’ll find yourself behind for the entire day. (“Ok thank you. Thank you…byeeeeeee”)

No. 2: Dust off the scripts and processes.

If you’ve noticed a decrease in your sales effectiveness, chances are you’ve started rushing sales conversations and cutting corners during the process. Take a few minutes to practice your scripts out loud and review the process steps so you can see where you might have been slipping.

If there’s a sales objection you’ve been getting a lot, brainstorm new ways you might try to prevent the objection from happening in the first place as well as how you’ll handle it next time.

No. 3: Ask for help.

Objections are tough, and sales rejection can be even more brutal. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Even if you know how you should handle objections, sometimes it helps to talk through a scenario and practice with a coworker or friend.

If there’s something you don’t understand or support you need, try talking to your manager. Share what you’ve tried, why you feel like it’s not working, and ask for assistance or advice.

No. 4: Turn the heat on your cold leads.

Do you have a few (a lot of) leads that you just don’t know where they stand? Perhaps you sent them a proposal and didn’t hear anything back. Or maybe one of you said you’d call soon but neglected to set an exact date and time. Whatever the reason, now’s the perfect time to heat up those leads that have gone cold.

With the holidays coming up, you have something that everyone is going to want: a holiday party. Make a list of all the people with whom you don’t have a clear next step on your calendar. If you don’t have anyone in the grey area, review the last year to all your lost sales opportunities, and get ready to win this time! Give them a call and start the conversation like this:

“Hi Holly, it’s YOUR NAME from YOUR FACILITY. How are you? (listen. Respond accordingly) Well, I know you’re busy, but I just wanted to give you a quick call because I didn’t want to book up before talking to you! We didn’t get your EVENT PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED planned last time, so I wanted to make sure you had the first chance to book your holiday party with us. We still have a few spots, but they are filling fast. What do you think of joining us this holiday season?”

Here’s what can happen:

  • Your prospective guest will be delighted that they didn’t have to call you. You’ll book the event and do a fist pump in your office.
  • They’ll tell you they haven’t thought about a holiday party yet, but might as well do it now. You’ll book the event and do a happy dance.
  • They’ll tell you they are grinches and don’t book holiday events. Then you’ll ask when they’d like to visit next or for what other occasion would they more likely to come out for. You’ll book that future event, and you’ll go buy yourself a celebratory Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  • They’ll explain they don’t have time to think about an event. You’ll ask for a better time and set a calendar event with a date and time, so you don’t let them fall through the cracks again. Then you’ll take a private bow and bask in the knowledge that you’re back on track.
  • They’ll tell you they don’t ever want to plan another event because they hate fun. You’ll show empathy and remind them that your facility will always be there for them. You’ll invite them to bring the family out and say ‘hi’ next time they’re in, and then you’ll mark them off your list to make way for someone new and excited about what you offer. You’re killing this!

No. 5: Set yourself a goal.

If you want to get motivated, crush some goals. Set small goals and take pride in pushing past them. You could choose a goal based on the number of calls you want to make, the number of events booked, target revenue, or target commission. Then track your results against those goals, and reward yourself along the way.

No. 6: Celebrate your wins!

A job in sales is harder than it looks, so you have to celebrate every success to keep motivated. If you’re setting goals (and you should be), be sure that you plan for how you will celebrate as you hit them. They don’t have to be anything extravagant or costly. I love what I call “If/then” rewards. If I make all my sales calls today, I’ll take myself to dinner instead of cooking. If I book $10,000 in events, I’ll get an extra pump of pumpkin spice in my latte. If I make $1,000 in bonus/commission, I’ll take myself on a quick weekend trip to Cancun. See how easy it is to get motivated?

No. 7: Commit to continued growth.

The best way to keep motivated is to continue growing and improving. Read blogs, listen to sales podcasts, find a new networking event or group, and continue to better your skills and grow your relationships. Soon you’ll find that success builds momentum and that momentum can help keep your engagement and motivation high. Good luck!

What’s the best way you have found to motivate yourself? Reply in the comments.

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