Dynamic packages of attractions and game play are essential tools for your revenue generating in your family entertainment center. Today’s partner blog from our friends at Embed provides some great tips to help you build the right packages for your FEC.

The trends and perks of all you can play packages.

Family Entertainment Center (FEC) managers and operators are always looking for ways to add value to their products to attract more visitors so they keep coming back for more fun.

One simple way to get both is by creating some great packages that your guests perceive as high-value.

With the control that a card system brings, you have an opportunity to manage your guest experiences better and provide more ‘bang for their buck’ with an All You Can Play product.

Here’s what you need to know about creating packages at your family entertainment center to do it effectively and give a boost to your sales:

  • Time play packages can be customized based on what games you would like to include. This gives you the option to leave aside your premium games and attractions to be offered as an add-on (an upsell opportunity). You can set up endless combinations to create as many packages as you and your customers need!
  • Avoid including costly attractions in your packages. Attractions with associated labor costs shouldn’t be given away for free, but attractions like bumper cars or mini-rides may be incentive enough. You can easily add one round of any of these attractions to a time play package to offer a greater variety to your guests.
  • Combine time play and value for All You Can Play packages to make them even more enticing to your customers. This way, your guests can still play any of your premium games and attractions of their choice using credits/cash while they are on a timed package.
  • Test the length of time for packages. Play games in your arcade for 1-2 hours to determine:

A. How many games you were able to play,
B. The combined cost of your game play, and
C. The average price of game play.

These can help when deciding which games you should put in your package, and how to mix them up into your packages as well.

  • Add redemption games to an All You Can Play package to make them more attractive. With the Time Play Celebration Only feature on your Embed’s smartTOUCH readers, you can comfortably include time play for redemption games in your packages without worrying about your overall payout. This tool allows you to customize the message shown to your guests on the reader, so you can let them know they won’t accumulate tickets while they are on a time play package. You can either use this tool to add more value to your current packages or use it as an upsell at your next party to increase the price per head as well as the perceived value by offering a redemption game upgrade for your birthday groups.
  • Include extra benefits to your packages such as free games and tickets. These encourage guests to buy one of your packages instead of simply loading up their cards with cash.
  • Train your staff to sell your All You Can Play packages at the counter. When a customer is unsure of what to purchase, your team should be asking questions like:

A. How long do you plan to visit today?
B. What were you looking to enjoy during your visit?
C. What is your budget per player?

If their answers match any of your packages, it’s a perfect opportunity to upsell them!

  • Use the Re-Swipe Delay tool. The Re-swipe Delay tool prevent guests from stacking multiple credits up by swiping several times in a row on a game, and also to stop them from sharing packaged cards.

If you are new to setting up Time Play packages at your FEC, we highly recommend you play with a few cards to test them once you have completed your setup. Check that you have all the expected entitlements in card maintenance and the remaining time is working as expected.

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