Data, easy buying experiences, and rewarding programs are at the hub of better guest relationships.

Creating memorable experiences for your guests goes beyond just fun—it’s about building lasting connections. No matter what type of location-based or family entertainment center you operate, fostering better relationships with your guests is vital to lasting success.

To help you drive a consistent relationship-building strategy, we put together this brief list of tips to help you harness your Advantage system and build the right experiences for your guests every time.

No. 1: Understand guests better with data.

Your CenterEdge data will give you everything you need to know to serve your guests better. When you attribute guest purchases to customer profiles, you unlock a treasure trove of information. You can discover when they visit, how long they stay, what attractions they prefer, and much more. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor packages and programs that resonate deeply with your audience.

CenterEdge customer profiles include demographic information and ages and can also include photos for things like memberships and loyalty programs for future verification and personalization. Coupled with CenterEdge Reporting and Analytics tools, you can turn guest data into actionable insights.

No. 2: Make it easy for guests to do business with you. 

To ensure a seamless experience for your guests, it’s essential to streamline every aspect of their interaction. Naturally, this begins with having a user (and mobile!) friendly online store where potential guests can effortlessly view your offerings, packages, and schedules, and then purchase tickets and make reservations from anywhere.

Once onsite, remove purchase barriers with game cards, wristbands, and wearable media to empower guests to easily navigate your facility without constantly taking out their wallets.

CenterEdge’s guest vault features take this ease of use to the next level because you can attribute guest and payment information to whatever media you choose. This secure information can be stored in the system, so if a guest loses their card or wristband, you can easily reproduce it without any loss of value. Attach value, attraction entitlements, bonuses, and reward points to guest records to be loaded onto physical media to create a unified ecosystem where every interaction is frictionless and fun.

No. 3: Reward them for their loyalty. 

Loyalty deserves recognition, and what better way to show appreciation than by rewarding it? Implementing loyalty programs that incentivize guests for their spending or visit behaviors is a win-win strategy. Not only does it encourage repeat visits, but it also fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation among your guests.

Consider creating a tiered loyalty program where guests earn points or rewards based on their frequency of visits or the amount they spend. For example, a family that visits your facility regularly could earn discounts on future visits, complimentary upgrades, or exclusive access to special events. These rewards not only keep guests engaged but also incentivize them to keep coming back to unlock new benefits.

But loyalty programs only work if you and your guests regularly engage with them. For tips to help you avoid common loyalty program pitfalls, check out this CenterEdge blog.

No. 4: Incentivize guests to become VIP members. 

Another program that keeps guests sticky to your business is a membership program. Membership programs offer many benefits for guests and your business. Memberships allow you to show your best guests how much they mean to you. Consider including something special every time they visit in addition to the attractions or packages that the membership consists of. Things like special entrances, premium membership cards, discounts or bonuses on attractions, complimentary or upgraded snack options, or VIP access to premium experiences create an irresistible proposition for guests, enticing them to upgrade to even better memberships.

For your business, membership programs provide a steady stream of recurring revenue and invaluable insights into member preferences and behaviors. They’re a captive audience that already loves you, so you can lean on them to test new offerings and experiences, meeting a critical need for your business while further solidifying their loyalty to your brand – a win for all.

It’s no surprise that the most successful entertainment venues have a firm grasp on their guest insights and offer the right amount of food and (easy) fun combined with one-of-a-kind guest interaction that makes guests feel like you’ve been waiting all day to see them. For more information on how CenterEdge Advantage’s Guest Hub feature set helps you do all that and more, contact us today for a custom demo.


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