Certainly the most frequently asked question of us is not “how long will it take to pay for the software?”, but rather “how much does a system cost?”.  I can completely understand and appreciate the mentality when there are so many POS software sales people out there pushing their “low monthly fee”, without highlighting their features (or lack thereof).  If cost and a spiel from a slick salesman are NOT the most important factors in your evaluation of point of sale software, we have created a calculator just for you!  I’m not saying cost shouldn’t be a factor…it most certainly should be a major factor.  However, if you can find a system that can assist in increasing your bottom line; through expense savings and revenue generation; then why pay the “low” monthly fee for something that is no better than a cash register?

Using all the features of a complete facility management system will increase your bottom line in multiple ways:

Loss Prevention:

Management Labor Reduction:

Front Line Labor Reduction:

Revenue Generating:

The above is just a small sampling of what a complete POS software solution can provide to you.  Over the next few weeks I will dive deeper into each section to highlight all the benefits of a true facility management package compared to Cash Register software disquised as POS software.

If you would like to hear more, please click the button below or call us at (336) 598-5934 to schedule a no-obligation, online demonstration of our software.  You’ll see quickly you are wasting money by not installing a system today!

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