With the advent of Facebook and Twitter, advertising for your FEC has never been simpler.  If you aren’t currently using Facebook and Twitter for communicating with your customers, then you are missing a huge FREE opportunity to get your company name and offers in front of not only your customers, but also the friends of your customers.  I wish we had these tools when I was in operations!

Unfortunately not only do you have these opportunity to reach your customers, but so do your competitors.  In the past it was the company with the largest advertising budget who typically got the most customers; however these tools are free, and have evened the playing field for smaller locations and larger locations. 

What are you doing to set yourself apart from your competitors with social media?  How can your FEC POS software assist? 

I love the fact that when I write a blog in Hubspot, it immediately posts to our Facebook page and our Twitter account.  I would like to do something similar for our customers through our POS and Birthday Reservation software. 

My ideas include:

1.  Through our Birthday Reservation software, posting to Twitter and Facebook a “Happy Birthday” message to the guest of honor.

2.  Through our Redemption software, posting to Twitter and Facebook a “Congratulations” to a customer who just won a large prize.

3.  Through our Customer Loyalty software, posting to Twitter and Facebook a “Welcome” message to any new customers.

What ideas do you have?

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