As a facility owner or operator, your time is valuable. Unfortunately, a lot of important redemption tasks can be very time-consuming and mundane. You already need to hire three employees, approve a new ad campaign and review admission pricing. The last thing you want to spend your time doing is counting Tootsie Rolls. How can you take the pain out of managing a redemption counter? How can you simplify or automate redemption tasks so that you can spend more of your time on the important things?

Importing Digital Packing Lists

When your monthly redemption order arrives, rather than manually entering every single item into your inventory system, you can import a digital packing list (or DPL) directly into your redemption software. Virtually all of the major redemption suppliers offer DPLs because the time savings are so incredible. Rather than spending 6 hours typing in a name, quantity, cost and ticket price for each of 200 items, you can literally click a few buttons and have the entire order in your system in a couple minutes. For more on this, check out “Your order for redemption software is ready!” If you ever try this once, you will never be willing to do it the old way again.

Inventory Counts

Sure, we all hate inventory counts. It is a slow, meticulous process that can seem fruitless even if we understand why they are important. Modern redemption software can’t eliminate this process altogether, but since it tracks your quantities on hand (along with costs, vendors, order dates and more) your accountant will probably let you get away with doing inventory counts less often. And when it is time to do a count, you can easily print a report showing what the expected quantities are. This will not only make the process easier, but could highlight any strange overages or shortages (like a missing big-ticket item).

Inventory Ordering

Having inventory information built in to the software can make counts easier, but it makes ordering much easier. How do you make an order now? It probably involves bouncing back and forth between your redemption counter and stock room, guessing how many Chinese finger traps you have and how many you have redeemed in the last month. With modern redemption software, you can create an order automatically based on quantities that you want to keep on hand for each item. And adjusting those quantities is easy when you can look at reports that show how many of each item you have redeemed in the last year and what your hottest items are. With all of that information, making an order is a breeze.

How much time are you spending on these activities? How would you prefer to be spending those hours? How much could you grow your business if you could spend your time focusing on your customers instead of administrative tasks?

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