With the advent of the World Wide Web, internet sales have been a great way to help a business improve their revenue by generating additional sales. Recently, online ticket sales have become more and more prevalent. In order to help our clients improve their business, we’ve implemented the Advantage Web online system.

Advantage Web allows you to sell tickets to your customers quickly and easily. It supports both regular and will call ticketing, and uses barcodes to control access. The barcodes can be validated at any Point of Sale station, or using turnstiles. Even better, we collect customer information for each transaction, helping you to build your customer database for marketing.

For our clients who operate movie theatres, laser tag, or other
capacity managed venues we can also sell capacity managed tickets. The web server and your local server remain in constant communication to prevent overselling tickets, and allow you to continue to sell tickets online right up until the time of the show or event

The biggest advantage of using Advantage Web is the seamlessness of the integration to your existing software. You manage the system directly from Manager Console, just by enabling specific ticket items for sale on the web. You can also provide pictures, descriptions, alternate pricing, convenience fees, and many other options. After a sale is completed, all of the sales data is immediately transmitted back to your local system, and appears alongside all of your other sales data.

Also, setup is quick and painless. We will host the service on our servers so you don’t need to worry about internet connection stability, security, or any of the other issues related to operating a web store. You just have to add a link from your web site to the store. We can even work with your to make your online store look as much like your website as possible.

Also, later this summer we’ll be adding web-based party booking to the system. Once that system is complete, you’ll be able to use the same web system for both ticket sales and party bookings, with the same seamless integration to your existing software.

So if you’re interested in quickly and easily adding online ticket sales to the services that you offer your customers, just give us a call at (336) 598-5934 or e-mail us at info@pfasoft.com for pricing. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to increase your business and join the information era!

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