A POS system should do much, much more than just process transactions.

The right solution can create efficiencies and enhance your FEC in ways you might never have expected—and in more than just one area. Take the test to see if yours is hitting the mark.


Online Sales & Ticketing

Can your software…
  • Take deposits for birthday parties and group events booked online without manual data input into separate systems?
  • Have online sales appear seamlessly on your local reports as a separate revenue center or part of overall sales?
  • Display retail merchandise with pictures and detailed descriptions—all updated in real time?
  • Flawlessly manage capacity ticketing sales, schedules both online and in store to maximize revenue and prevent overbooking?

Membership & Recurring Billing

Can your software…
  • Remove purchase barriers and boost revenue by offering unique products such as memberships and payment plan options?
  • Add additional benefits, like special discounts or pricing on food and beverage, parking or merchandise to boost revenue every visit?
  • Process recurring revenue so you can manage the seasonal peaks and valleys in your FEC?
  • Enable automatic billing and renewals, so you don’t have to spend as much administrative time trying to sell another product or following up on payments?

Party Booking

Can your software…
  • Manage schedules and capacities for attractions, areas and party rooms?
  • Track upcoming events on the calendar with area assignments?
  • Display block scheduling for pre-defined times or open scheduling for flexibility?
  • Automatically send party confirmations, reminders and follow up notifications to customers in your database?
  • Provide virtual invitations so parents can keep track of their guest list?
  • Generate player or arcade cards in bulk without swiping each card?
  • Create unique packages to accommodate your parties and events?

Liability Waivers

Can your software…
  • Enable 24/7 access for online waiver completion?
  • Send a barcoded PDF copy of the waiver to guests for fast check in?
  • Easily process waivers for families with multiple children?
  • Tag any item for sale as requiring a waiver to prevent tickets or admission from being sold without a valid waiver on file?
  • Send waiver links to party and group guests for completion in advance of a visit?

Access Control

Can your software…
  • Generate tickets, wristbands or RFID technology on demand?
  • Integrate with contactless turnstiles or handheld devices?
  • Offer mobile ticketing for fast on-site processing?
  • Add credit card tokens to multiple cards or wristbands from a single credit card and set custom spending limits at guest request?
  • Load cash, credits and entitlements to use as tender on tickets, cards or wristbands?
  • Validate pass holders or members using photo ID at managed access points?

Food & Beverage

Can your software…
  • Support quick-serve and full-service food & beverage arrangements?
  • Customize templates, server-based tabs and graphical seating charts?
  • Secure cash handling with biometric controls to limit cash drawer access and secure transactions?
  • Easily take orders with modifiers and send to various kitchen printers or display systems?
  • Speed and simplify bills and tabs with intuitive split or combine check functions and full reporting?
  • Enable complete inventory control with recipe building and auto-generated purchase orders per vendor?
  • Deliver audit capabilities and the ability to support multiple vendors and costs per inventory item?
  • Allow you to design custom screens for your food and beverage system for ease of use by station or areas?

Cashless Game Room & Redemption Management

Can your software…
  • Integrate with cashless systems for ticketless game room operation?
  • Deliver business insights by connecting guest and cashless data?
  • Assist up to 16 guests using 8 team members per computer?
  • Monitor all guest activity on one screen?
  • “Bank” leftover winnings on a guest’s account or player card?
  • Operate with or without scanners or other peripherals?
  • Enable a comprehensive customer loyalty program by creating rewards in your redemption center?
  • Control the number of tickets redeemable without manager approval and whether they should be added or rounded?

Employee Management

Can your software…
  • Optimize your staff schedule around real-world sales data to control costs?
  • Correlate every POS item to video footage of the transaction?
  • Combine your time clock with your actual schedule for maximum efficiency?
  • Easily create schedules and distribute them to team members?
  • Prevent over-scheduling minors?
  • Allow you to make schedule and holiday templates for ease of scheduling?


Can your software…
  • See sales trends broken down by guest type, location, day of the week and more?
  • Help you understand what your guests want, when they want it and what drives them to spend more?
  • Give insight into who on your team is performing the best so you can reward them?
  • Filter your data to extract maximum value?
  • Create custom reports and views on demand to dive deep into your business?
  • Send and receive data directly from QuickBooks?

Download the FEC Master Pack of checklists to help guide you and your team to operational and guest experience excellence.

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