Are you doing all you can at your FEC to maximize your bottom line?

Get guests to come in and keep them coming back for more with a solid sales process and a toolbox full of marketing efforts to entice guests … and improve profits. Here’s what you can do to keep your facility top of mind and guests jumping for more.


  • Are you using detailed reports and historical information to deliver the right discounts and specials to the right customers?
  • Do you create unique packages that include enticements for future visits and provide a customized approach to group bookings?
  • Is your website up-to-date and easy-to-use and navigate?
  • Can guests purchase tickets online as easy as any of their other online purchases in a day?
  • Do you have a group and party booking solution that ties to scheduling, your customer database and your POS?
  • Do you have an online store that drives merchandise sales?


  • Are you making post-party follow-up calls to guests who have recently had parties in your facility?
  • Do you send mass mailings or emails to guests using a customer database?
  • Do you offer a customer loyalty program that brings customers back more frequently and offers great benefits?
  • Are you collecting marketing data by having customers email their invitations and thank you notes online?
  • Do you use appropriate social media platforms frequently to deliver good content?
  • Are you planning for the offseason and increasing your marketing efforts during that time?
  • Do you use powerful reports to get insights that will fuel your marketing strategy?

Download the FEC Master Pack of checklists to help guide you and your team to operational and guest experience excellence. 


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