With the NFL draft fast approaching, I started thinking about how teams evaluate the needs they hope to fill from the draft. Do they need an offensive player? a defensive player? someone on special teams?  What areas need improvement and what the best way to achieve it. This same evaluation is probably being used in your FEC on a daily basis.  Do you look at your POS as a member of your team?  With the right POS, you could find an “iron man” system, which would “play” on all sides of your FEC operation.

Offense:  The team that scores (increases revenue)

Online Party Booking / Online Ticketing – Does your current system allow you to do online bookings for parties and events and prevent overbooking?  Can you sell gift cards, merchandise or tickets from your facility 24 hours a day 7 days a week?  Averages for online sales show a 10 to 15% increase in online purchases since 2010. Some reports predict a 10% compound annual growth rate thru 2015.  Make sure you facility gets in on its share.

Defense:  The team that protects your goal line (or bottom line)

Inventory Control – Do you know how many orders of French fries you sold vs how many cases you ordered last month?  How many went out the back door when you weren’t looking?  Inventory control and regular auditing can save you countless dollars over any time period.

Time Clock Scheduling – How about the number of times that members of your staff clocked in 20 minutes before there shift started?  Even with a small staff, the extra payroll dollars involved can add up to big money.

Employee Theft – No one wants to ever admit it, but if you have employees working with cash, you probably have some theft.  The right Point of Sale can help protect your money.

Special Teams:  The team that makes the difference between winning and losing (all the extras)

Centeredge provides an array of reports (using Crystal Reports) that gives you all the information that you need about sales, employees, inventories, cash and more.  You can manage your entire facility using a single software package.  Our software is thoroughly field-tested in a live facility, reducing bugs that affect your business. It offers intuitive interface reduces training costs and simplifies management. Advantage is based on a Microsoft SQL database, making it a very stable system. All accounting information can be exported to QuickBooks or Excel. Center Edge offers 24/7 Technical Support and the best part is all of the Advantage applications integrate seamlessly.

Draft a better solution and help your team achieve the next level of success.  Give us a call or schedule an online demo to learn more about how Centeredge can help your team get ready for the new season.

Are you curious how long it will take you to pay for the new player (POS System)?  Check out our new ROI calculator and leave us your thoughts!  I’ll be blogging soon about how we came up with the calculation and what they mean to you.


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