No matter how bullet-proof your network is, sooner or later you are going to experience a system failure.  Hard drives fail often without notice, lightning storms and hordes of soda-wielding teen-agers can wreak havoc on the most rugged of equipment.

What is your current POS or Party Management Software doing to protect you 

when problems crop up?  You may say “I’m safe, my data is in the cloud” – which is a fantastic place to keep a backup of your data, but even with the advances in internet connectivity and security it is still not the best practice for the web to be your ONLY way to access your valuable customer data (just ask anyone who has experienced prolonged internet outages and had to resort to pen and paper!).

With CenterEdge Advantage FEC Management Software, you can have the very best of both worlds – real-time uninterrupted access to your system, the ability to continue to transact business even if the web is down, and multiple layers of security to safeguard your data. 

Client ServerCenterEdge Advantage is a client-server based system, which means you get to keep all your data on-site, safe from folks who like to hack websites for fun and profit.  This architecture also allows us to save data to multiple computers within your facility – automatically, every night (because one never remembers to make a backup until after the data is gone). You also have the option to back data up to removable storage like tape or USB-drives that can be safely stored off-site, or to use services like Carbonite or Mozy to take your backups and store them securely in the cloud.  The CenterEdge Software will even send you e-mails letting you know that your database backed up successfully, or warning you if there was a problem with your back-up (good to know BEFORE disaster strikes!) – so you can rest easy knowing that the past several years worth of business records are safe and secure.


If your system is not offering you this level or peace of mind, maybe it is time to give CenterEdge a good look.  Schedule your demo today.

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