The Crime Museum in Washington D.C. is described by Good Morning America as a “must see for CSI fans.” There are five unique galleries that burrow deep into the studies of criminal intent, criminal profiles, the penal system, victims, crime prevention, forensic science, law enforcement and the Judiciary Branch of government.  It also includes a crime lab, the filming studios for America’s Most Wanted and 3-floor, 25,000 sq ft, 100+ interactives on America’s favorite subject.

Highlighted attractions include:  

  • CSI Lab: Enter a crime scene and interact to solve the case in a real crime scene lab
  • FBI Agent Training: Practice your aim in a simulated FBI shooting range
  • High Speed Police Simulator: Drive in a police academy training pursuit
  • Authentic Artifacts: Auxiliary, electric chair, gas chamber, prison art, and jail cells
  • Notorious Criminals: Legendary pirates, the mob, Wild West outlaws, and serial killers
  • Digital fingerprinting for children with printout ID cards
  • America’s Most Wanted stage set and John Walsh interactive

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