Although adding a POS to your business can have many benefits, the key to the system is cash control.  Cash Control comes in many forms, i.e. deposit calculations on cash tills, detailed reporting on cashier activities, security controls on POS actions, and descrepency documentation on expected revenue versus actual.  However, if you are like me, I’d prefer to not have to catch someone being dishonest, and would rather deter them from the possibility.

CenterEdge Software starts the deterrants immediately with the means we allow an employee to sign into the software.  There are three methods for an employee to get into the software; 1. the employee uses an employee id and pin number, 2. the employee swipes an authorized card that is associated with their employee account, or 3. the employee uses their finger on a biometric reader that identifies them and their access rights.

In addition, we control a cashier’s actions by assigning a cash till to an employee, and having that till follow the employee throughout the day. (we can also handle multiple employees with one till for environments that require it)  By tracking cashier activities throughout the day, CenterEdge is capable of providing accurate over/short reports, coupon discrepency reports, and discount tracking reports.  More importantly, the cashier knows CenterEdge is tracking this information, and are more reluctant to challenge the software’s security.

What policies and/or systems do you have in place outside your POS to help control cash?  Do you consider overs and shorts to be equally harmful to your company?  Do you hold employees accountable for overs and shorts equally?  Do you test your employees in their ability to handle cash? 

In an attempt to help test employees in their cash handling abilities, we have created a free test for you to download and modify.  Some of the questions might need to be adjusted to match your operations.  In addtion the test isn’t an objective means to determine whether an employee can handle cash, but rather should be used to subjectively determine if you feel they can handle the responsibilities. 

Please let us know feedback, including your modifications to the test!!!  Download the test by clicking the link below.

Download A Cashier Certification Test

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