When you’re looking at opening a trampoline park, there are a lot of important things to consider.  Where to locate the trampoline park, what kind of trampolines to use, where to get your insurance, and more.  However, one of the most important decisions you can make is what point of sale system to purchase for your trampoline park.

So, on that note, what are the most important things to consider when choosing your trampoline park’s point of sale system?  First and foremost, you should be concerned about online ticket sales.  As a trampoline park you have a restricted capacity, and to be profitable you want to maximize the use of that capacity.  A POS system with the ability to sell capacity controlled tickets in advance on the internet is a key requirement when you want to fill your trampoline park all day, every day.

Second, you’re certain to want to book both corporate events and birthday parties to help fill your park.  So another key feature is the ability to not only manage these bookings, but also integrate them into your capacity control system.  You never want to sell out your trampoline park online at a time when you have a large corporate event arriving.

Third, when operating a trampoline park it is very important that your POS system help manage liability waivers for you.  Waivers are always a pain to deal with, but are simply a requirement for getting insurance on a trampoline park.  So your point of sale should implement controls to help ensure that your cashiers enforce the waiver requirement, and should increase the speed of validating existing waivers as customers arrive.  A great bonus is also allowing the customer to “sign” their liability waivers online.  This can save time in line, and also allows absent parents to sign waivers for their children.


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