In the skating industry it is very common to sell large groups private sessions in your facility. Often these groups get a discounted admission rate, but the individuals attending are still expected to pay for their own admissions and skate rentals. While this can be easily accomplished by using a discounted button on your POS screen, this provides only a limited ability to track the sales figures historically for each organization that books your facility.

This is where the ability to process sales for groups through POS comes in handy. Simply book the event in the Groups application, and then you can select it in POS and have all the sales your ring in and payments you take applied to the group for historical tracking.

Additionally, you can use the special “Select and Lock” function to speed up the admissions. If you use this function, after you complete a transaction the next transaction will also be rung in against the same group. This way you don’t have to repeatedly select the same event for each transaction, and you can use the group tracking feature without sacrificing any of your transaction speed.

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