The past year has been a season of exceptional growth for us here at CenterEdge.  We have nearly doubled our staff – with nearly all of those additions coming in the support department – and have restructured our support and implementation teams to help ensure we continue to provide the high level of support you have become accustomed to.  This pursuit of improving customer support has also led us to implement a new system for managing support and enhancement requests. 

Over the past several weeks we have been implementing a set of systems that will help us improve our communication of system updates, ensure that your support requests receive timely attention, and allow you to better see the status of your support cases.   One change that those who have sent in service requests via email should already be seeing is our new helpdesk ticketing system.  Now any requests sent to will automatically generate a ticket, and will send the details of that ticket back to the requestor’s email address with a link that will allow you to monitor the progress of your issue.

We have also developed a new customer support portal – where you can enter support requests as well as see the status of your existing support issues.  As we continue to make system ehancements, we are planning to enable our customers to log into a community help forum, where you will be able to submit and vote on features and enhancements you would like to see in future releases of our FEC Management Software, participate in community discussions, find additional tips and tricks for using the software and much more.  

If you have additional suggestions for how we can make our customer support even better, please send them to me! 

Rick Smith
CenterEdge Support Manager

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