In “Role” Call posts, we feature some of our outstanding team members and the roles they play in delivering exceptional customer service to fellow coworkers and clients alike. Because, at CenterEdge, we believe our team is a big part of what makes us special.

Allow us to introduce a world class fun enthusiast: Vince Barnett, Installation Lead. Vince is someone we’d call a lifer in the amusement and family entertainment industry because he got his very first job at our sister company Palace Pointe 13 years ago and never looked back. He started in the bowling area and worked his way into managing nearly every area of the facility.

A little more than three years ago, we coaxed Vince onto our team at CenterEdge. Today he serves as a resource for clients and colleagues, using his expertise as an end user and fun-thusiast to help prepare clients to launch the software in brand new or existing facilities. 

Vince also helps give CenterEdge unique user perspectives as we continue to grow and develop. He’s one of the most dedicated people we know and no matter the time, place, or circumstance, he’s always willing to help a teammate out. We recently learned he never feels stress. We wonder what other super powers he has…

In his own words:

What do you love about our CenterEdge clients?

Clients always seem willing to work closely with us when we do installs. They take the time to learn the software and ask really good questions. They are patient and willing to learn, and there’s a lot of team work on both sides. I enjoy that.

Which of our core values do you most identify with?

Probably “Being Partners.” I like to help others and am willing to take the time to give advice or help solve whatever issues they have. Whether it’s software or something else, I just like working together to face new challenges.

Tell us something fun about you.  What would the title of your autobiography be?  

Oh, for sure it would be Living the Chill Life.

Yes, we think that sounds about right!

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