Today’s team member we would like to introduce is has been in the business of helping others for years. She’s Lisa Carr, one of our amazing Support Technicians. Lisa has been making a difference with CenterEdge for over a year but in administrative and technical support for much of her career. She’s a problem solver and loves to dive right in to help, so please allow me to introduce Lisa Carr.

What do you love most about our CenterEdge clients?  The people I talk to are a lot of fun and very nice.  Most are really interested in learning and they are so appreciative of any help that you give. I like being a part of what they’re doing.

Which of our core values speaks to you the most?  I like accountability because I always want to be accountable. But I think that being partners is probably the biggest one for me. It’s so important to partner with clients and each other and I love that our team is always so willing to help each other. If we need to switch shifts or ask each other questions, there’s so many people who are willing to help.  I think we’re all in this together – us and our clients – and I think that’s important.

ethanmecody-384187-edited-644559-edited.jpgLet’s do a fun fact.  What is a sound you love to hear?  I love to hear both my sons in the same room.  They’re hilarious and keep me laughing. It doesn’t happen enough these days because my oldest, Ethan is married and just had a baby on October 21! He’s a U.S. Marine.  My younger son, Cody is in the Air Force. So you can imagine how long we go without being in the same place.

Cody_Lisa_Ethan.jpgWhat we love about Lisa:
We love that Lisa is so enthusiastic about our experience at CenterEdge.  Not only does she like to teach others when she can, but she also coordinates or helps plan company outings, giveaways and lunches.  She brings fun to the office!

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