Meet Support Development Lead, Kevin Sutton. Kevin is one of the original team members of CenterEdge Software and we couldn’t imagine the company without his influence.  He remembers the company when it was all in a one room office with mismatched furniture while they were learning new programming language, installing and supporting clients, all in the same day!  Today he’s helping our clients by training and working with our support team.

What do you love most about our CenterEdge clients?  While I don’t get to interact with them much these days, they are all so nice. I love going to IAAPA and seeing everything that is going on. Our clients are always looking at doing something different.

kevin_and_fam-788227-edited.pngWhat’s one personal core value that you hold dear?   Getting things done!  I don’t like letting things languish, even a five minute task.  Just do it, don’t put it off because then you have to come back to it, and then it takes 10 more minutes.  I’m all about shortening the list.

Kevin_Sutton-699399-edited.jpgDo you prefer hobbies you can do indoors or outdoors?  Outdoors, I am very into competitive shooting and I go to the range every weekend. I also love going to the lake. My family has a house in cape cod where, growing up, I used to go sailing and biking. It’s been a while, but we’re going this summer and really looking forward to it.

What we love about Kevin: We love that he’s really down to Earth and willing to share his knowledge about the software, since he was the first author of it! He’s an awesome team player. Plus, he has fantastic stories of people he has met and places he has been. 

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