Meet Product Owner, Kate Friedl.  Kate serves on our Development team as one of our Product Owners.  Though she’s a product owner now, she has also held different roles in her three years with CenterEdge.  From Support to documentation, and even at one time being the entire QA Department. My how we have grown!  It was soon after setting her up in QA that CenterEdge really began to grow, and she wasn’t a department of one for long.

What do you love most about our CenterEdge clients?  There are just so many different things that they want the software to do, and I like the real challenge of trying to make it work in the best ways for everyone.

Culture_family_kate.jpgOf our new CenterEdge core values, which one resonates with you the most?  I think it’s accountability. I believe we shouldn’t take the easy way out and you’ve got to work as a team.  If just one person decides not to play, it really makes it more difficult for all of us.

When you have 30 minutes of free time, how are you going to spend it?  Oh I love to get the newspaper out and do the Sudoku and Cryptoquote puzzles.  (It’s no wonder! She’s always helping us work through puzzles in the software.)Centeredge_family_entertainment_teammembers.jpg

What we love about Kate:  We love that she’s so thorough and conscientious. She cares about the software, and our clients, and boy does she know her stuff!

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