In “Role” Call posts, we feature some of our outstanding team members and the roles they play in delivering exceptional customer service to fellow co-workers and clients alike. Because, at CenterEdge, we believe our team is a big part of what makes us special.

Today’s team member of the month is Support Technician, Asia Johnson. Her infectious laugh and positive energy bring smiles to all our faces in the office and  helps us love what we do even more. We admire her great sense of humor and enviable confidence—a necessity in her off-time event planner role.

But she’s not just fun! Before coming to CenterEdge, she worked in parks and recreation as a Master Programming Specialist, writing nonprofit grants and crafting and implementing programs for the City of Durham. She specialized in creating the “Ultimate Camp Experiences” for children year-round, ages 5-12. Now, she uses that expertise to help our clients manage their CenterEdge Software to make their guests’ lives just a little bit better.

In her own words:

What do you love about our CenterEdge clients?

They’re so personable. I get to help them when they have questions or issues, and we have lots of laughs while we do it. 

Which of our core values do you most identify with?

Definitely integrity. I want CenterEdge to be seen in a positive light and I try to make sure I maintain a positive attitude and do the right thing. Inside and outside of work, I try to lead with HEART— something I learned working at camps. I make sure I hear those around me, show them empathy, ask questions to understand and be thankful that I get to work with them. I think it makes everyone’s day better.

Tell us something fun about you.  What would you do if you were immortal for a day? 

Oh, I think if I were immortal for a day, I’d spend the day in the water. I can’t swim but I know I’d swim everywhere, go scuba diving, and see everything under the ocean. What a day.

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