A large bill comes in and a station needs change right away – so you need to call a manager.

A guest has a complaint so you’re needed at the station, but staff want to contact you discreetly.

There’s an issue at Admissions and your team needs a manager’s help quickly – but there isn’t one nearby.

It’s a busy Saturday and the laser tag counter needs a floater to manage the line, but the team doesn’t want to leave their stations to get a shift leader.

These are just some of the situations your team can find themselves in at any given time at your facility. But all of these situations can be handled in the same way: discreetly notifying a manager that help is needed.

With CenterEdge Advantage POS, designated managers can instantly receive emails or text messages on mobile devices so they can get moving when their team needs them. You can even automatically set notifications to only go to managers who are currently clocked in.

POS manager

Watch as the CenterEdge Training Team’s Adam Macaluso explains how you can enable text notifications and allow team members to contact any manager on duty right from your Advantage point of sale.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up a distribution list for any group of managers (or team members)
  • Enable text notifications
  • Use the Need Manager Button

Access your Support Portal here to watch the video or read client-only set up instructions:

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