We are pleased to announce we have entered a strategic partnership which allows CenterEdge, formally known as Pathfinder, to integrate our Advantage Software Suite with the EMBED Debit Card System.  This alliance allows Pathfinder to package our leading Point of Sale solution with a widely used card system solution, providing Pathfinder users with the best combination to service their business.

What is the benefit of such a partnership?

As our business continues to grow, CenterEdge has emerged as a top choice for operators looking for complete facility management with the very best in Point of Sale, Group/Birthday Reservations, Redemption Management, Customer Loyalty Programs, Inventory Control, and Time Clock and Employee Scheduling.  As Debit Card Systems are fast becoming a staple of family entertainment centers, EMBED’s extensive experience in this part of the industry allows us to focus on furthering our Advantage feature set while offering our customers a leading name in debit card systems.

What does this mean for our customers?

It simply means more options. CenterEdge’s debit card software and readers are still available for purchase.  EMBED’s product line is fully integrated with Advantage and offers more robust hardware and connectivity options at a price that is equal to or less than Pathfinder’s proprietary product.  EMBED continues to stay at the forefront of debit card technology while CenterEdge has elected to cap development of our card reader system to allow the Advantage feature set to grow more rapidly.

How does this benefit you?

CenterEdge reviews and selects products from independent vendors on an on-going basis to make sure we deliver the best for our users.  From system peripherals to software development practices, we utilize the best tools available to drive our system forward.  EMBED is no exception and having them as an integration partner allows Advantage users to benefit from companies that excel in their respective areas of the market.   In addition, Embed has arranged special incentives only available to Pathfinder customers.

What do I do if I am interested in Embed for my location?

Contact CenterEdge so we can further discuss your needs.  We will then have our EMBED Representative get in touch with you to advise you on the right solution for your location

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