Do you offer bonus points on game cards to your customers who make larger game card purchases.  Maybe if they buy a $20 card, they get $3 in bonus play?  It’s really a great way to increase spending in your arcade if you use a debit card system.  But what do you do if the customer has two kids and wants to split that value between them?  You can’t just sell them two $10 game cards, then they wouldn’t get the bonus value.

With the recent release of CenterEdge Advantage 11.2, the CenterEdge Advantage Point of Sale now includes support for quickly and easily splitting game cards (or gift cards) during the sale.

All the cashier does is hit the Split Card button and swipe two different cards, and each card will get half of the value.  Want to split it three ways?  Just swipe another.  And for more complicated scenarios where the customer doesn’t want an easy split, you can quickly override cards with specific amounts.

As we all know, in the entertainment business it’s incredibly important to keep the customer happy.  This is just one more example of how we’re working hard to make that job easier for you.  If you have a current support contract, please email us at today to schedule your upgrade.

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