We have recently had several of our Canadian customers inquire with us about our support for Canadian Interac EMV (sometimes known as Chip & Pin).

At this time, we are working hard to complete development and certification for Interac EMV.  However, as with any development involving credit and debit cards, this is a long and involved process.  The certification requirements for EMV are particularly stringent and time consuming.

We currently expect this support to be available in our next major release in the fall of 2011.  Any customer with a current support contract will be eligible to receive this upgrade at that time.

As with our existing support for magstripe-based Interac, our support for Interac EMV will be via Mercury Payment Systems.  You will need to replace your existing Ingenico 3070 pin pads with Verifone Vx810 pin pads, which have support for the new chip-based technology.

If any customers have any further questions about this, please email us at support@centeredgesoftware.com, or call us at (336) 598-5934 and ask for Brant.

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