Brant Burnett, Systems Architect at CenterEdge Software, discusses the way CenterEdge uses Couchbase to provide the most up-to-date and advanced software for the entertainment industry in this ODBMS.ORG article.

“Over time as the functionality of Couchbase continues to grow, so does our use of Couchbase. At this point, Couchbase is our go-to solution for databasing in the cloud environment,” said Burnett.

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About CenterEdge Software

CenterEdge is serious software for a fun business, offering the same kinds of features demanded by large-scale entertainment destinations in a package that is affordable and user-friendly enough for entertainment, amusement and adventure businesses of just about any size. CenterEdge Software has been enabling the easier and more effective operation of nationwide family entertainment centers, trampoline parks, water parks, museums, large-scale amusement parks and more since 2004.

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