A couple weeks ago, I shared some of the many advantages of using a debit card system in your arcade. It can help you increase sales, build customer loyalty, reduce costs and eliminate employee theft. But a debit card system (and the cards themselves) can also do a lot outside of the arcade.

  1. Access Control at Attractions. Just like a debit card reader can be used to activate an arcade game, it can also be used to activate a turnstile to provide access to an attraction at your theme park, water park or FEC. Alternatively, you could place a reader at a manned access point without a turnstile and let the employee swipe customers’ cards rather than take tickets or operate a register. This lets you consolidate cash transactions to just a couple workstations throughout your facility, preventing employee theft.

  2. Customers Use One Card Throughout Your Facility. Once you leave tokens behind and switch to a debit card system, not only can the card’s value be used in the arcade, the same value can be used at any Point Of Sale in your facility! This gives Mom the option to buy each of her kids a $20 card after school one day and then let them use it however they like: in the arcade, to play miniature golf or at the snack bar. Plus, this makes giving a gift card much more attractive.

  3. Cards Used for Customer Loyalty Software. Getting a customer to come to your facility the first time is always the hardest. Offering an attractive customer rewards program helps to ensure that they return again and again. With CenterEdge Advantage, you can track their purchases and visits, automatically adjusting their customer loyalty tier and offering discounts, all by using a card as their customer card. The card makes managing the program easy because it does all the hard work for you and also provides you with useful marketing data.

  4. Cards Used for Season Passes. Just like you can use cards for customer loyalty programs, you can also use a customer’s card to manage season passes. When a customer with a season pass shows up to your facility, just swipe his card and you have access to all of his various season pass rights, including any buddy passes that you might have included in the pass.

  5. Employee Access. Giving employees a card to use for access to your Point Of Sale system is more secure than simply using a PIN. A mischievous employee could look over the shoulder of your manager and watch them type their PIN in. That can’t be done if you are using a card as your system access method.

Not only are there multiple things that you can do with a debit card system and the cards themselves outside the arcade, but they can all be combined. A single customer could put value on a card and use that for attractions, retail purchases, your customer loyalty program, season passes and, of course, to play games in your arcade. CenterEdge Software gives you a lot of ways to tap into the power of customer cards.

If you would like to learn more about the many ways that CenterEdge Advantage makes use of cards, schedule an online demo today!


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