A Few Words from CenterEdge CEO, Marcus Mayer

As we look back over the past year, we’re so proud of our team’s outstanding accomplishments and the meaning we get to help all of you create with your team and communities. As we head into our 20th anniversary in 2024, our CEO, Marcus Mayer, has a few words to share about the company and our plans for the year ahead! Read on for a special year-end letter.

From Marcus:

Hello all,

Thank you, as always, for your partnership and trust over the years. It was great to see so many of you at IAAPA and hear your thoughts and feedback, especially in your excitement and interest in our latest Mobile Food and Beverage product we showcased all week.

I’m also glad to have heard how much of a difference some of our other development projects are making for you, and have passed on the sentiment to the team. As you’ve no doubt noticed, 2023 has been full of new products, integration partnerships, and additional ways to help you drive your sales and businesses.

One of the products I’m most proud of this year is our Dual Pricing program through CenterEdge Payments. In 2019, when we decided to become a payment processor for our clients, we did so with the goal of providing a transparent and cost-effective program supported by the same CenterEdge team that has been helping you since 2004. We couldn’t have imagined just how needed this solution would be. Besides all of the main program’s cost and time savings, Dual Pricing users have reduced their processing costs on average by more than 96%. That’s huge.

We’ve also done work to improve communication with you. One of the biggest challenges we have faced in growing over nearly two decades is how best to share product and feature development. At times, clients have called to request development only to learn their requested feature is one we’ve had for some time. So, to help unpack the full breadth of the Advantage Software and all the tools available to you, we have invested a considerable amount of time and effort into reimagining the core CenterEdge products, how they work together, and how to help you understand the full scope of your system’s potential. You’ll find the results of those efforts in the new CenterEdge website and in the communications you receive from us each month. Our goal is a more intuitive look into the entire Advantage Suite so you can quickly identify features and solutions based on your business needs.

As part of our commitment to you, we’ve also introduced a number of new positions across all departments to help onboard and support new and existing software and payments clients. Team members dedicated to client success, content, design, and project management are among them. We have also expanded and broken out our CenterEdge Payments sales, onboarding, and support into a single team under the direction of Leslie Legel, CenterEdge’s Director of Payments, to provide you with an even better customer journey and ongoing relationship.

What I can tell you about the future is that we remain dedicated to investing in your success by delivering features and services to help you get the most from your software and merchant services programs, and I’m excited about what we’re bringing to you in 2024. Be on the lookout for the latest from us, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Thank you for choosing CenterEdge and for your continued support.


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