Think easy buying experiences, savvy packages, gift cards, and more!

Implementing a strategic approach to sales is a critical first step in maximizing your location-based or family entertainment center’s revenue-generating potential. But more than just setting up items on a menu board, it’s about thoughtfully crafting compelling offers with the right mix of food, fun, gift cards, and even merchandise. To help you do that, read on for five ways to maximize everyday sales in your entertainment venue.

No. 1: Sell online and onsite. 

It’s no secret that online sales are an expected part of a strong sales strategy. An online presence extends your market reach and provides a means for your guests to buy when it’s convenient for them. And, with more time to spend from the comfort of their homes, they don’t have to worry about making a quick decision at the counter, allowing them time to choose the perfect package for their visit.

Selling online also helps your day-to-day operation run smoother. If your facility offers timed attractions or date-specific admissions, for example, allowing guests to purchase in advance means you can better prepare for staffing needs if you have a sense of how much traffic your facility already expects. When you’re more prepared, you spend less time scrambling to meet the needs, and prevent staff from getting stretched too thin. And, should your walk-in traffic not quite meet your expectations even though you’re staffed for a busier day, that just gives your team prime opportunities to engage with guests, upsell out on the floor with a mobile tablet, and improve their overall experiences during their visit – all of which increases engagement as well as revenue.

No. 2: Make it easy for guests to buy and check in.

Easy buying experiences are enjoyable, and can lead to repeat visits and brand loyalty, both of which increase revenue for your business. In addition to allowing for both onsite and online purchases, consider how guests should redeem their purchases. Printable tickets, scannable bar codes, or tickets that can be added to mobile wallets are ways to start your guests’ visit off right.

No. 3: Create packages that wow.

In addition to simple attraction passes, admission tickets, or game cards, selling packages that entice guests to “up their fun” also increases their overall satisfaction, time in your facility, and spend. Thoughtfully designed packages cater to the diverse needs and preferences of your guests. By combining a unique blend of experiences that naturally complement each other, you can increase satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat business.

Consider using packages to offer your guests savings and incentives, enhanced value perception, the ability to try new experiences or foods, and to simplify the decision making process.

As an example, you might use a food and fun package to move slow-moving or excess food and beverage inventory or to introduce a new attraction by bundling these items with more popular ones. This helps manage inventory and waste effectively while offering attractive and exciting deals and experiences. Even things you’ve had at your facility for a long time can seem new and exciting when packaged differently.

Marketing packages can be easy and fun! Be sure to leverage various outlets, including social media, online promotions, targeted emails, and in-store digital signage to help promote enticing offers.

No. 4: Rethink your gift card strategy.

Gift card sales can be a powerful revenue-boosting strategy for any family entertainment venue. They offer a convenient and flexible way for guests to share the joy of entertainment experiences with friends and family and can not only attract new guests who receive the cards but also encourage repeat business when recipients redeem them.

Gift cards often lead to higher spending, too, as studies show that recipients are often more likely to explore additional activities or bring along friends, contributing to increased sales per visit.

Also, gift cards can also help you boost cash flow by providing a predictable and immediate influx of revenue while still allowing you to capture usage later, if you implement a deferred revenue strategy.

And let’s not forget all the many marketing opportunities! Extend your market reach with targeted promotions to different audiences all throughout the year to appeal to a wider market.

No. 5: Get smart with merchandise sales. 

Selling merchandise can help your facility realize many benefits, not the least of which is higher revenue. First, branded merchandise serves as a tangible souvenir, creating lasting memories for visitors and fostering a stronger connection with your brand and community. In addition to your facility brand or mascot, consider how other local brand merchandise could help you show your commitment to the community while driving sales. Apparel, toys, and other collectibles help provide a diverse offering that could be just the thing to motivate guests to buy.

In addition to branded merchandise, consider how your facility might enrich guests’ experiences with sales of other products. For example, a waterpark or indoor outdoor facility may set up mobile kiosks or sales stations in high-traffic outdoor areas to capture additional spending. Towels, sunscreen, bottled drinks and ice cream, etc. can be popular items in outdoor activities. Think about what makes sense and where your guests might be inclined to buy retail items, and you might hit on your next big win!

Focusing on even one of these strategies can make a big impact on your facility’s revenue and your guests’ enjoyment. For more information on how CenterEdge can help you maximize your potential, schedule a demo today.

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