After spending years working with the skating industry, and watching the operation of our own skating rink; it is clear there are some very specific skating rink software needs unique to the skating industry.  I am sure from an outsider’s perspective operating a skating rink is simple.  Open the doors, take customer’s money, let people skate, sell them some food, and get them out the door.  However from those of us that have spent years in industry, we know it is anything but simple.

Although software cannot assist with everything, below are 5 specific needs that skating rink software should assist with:

  1. Labor Management – What other industry opens and closes its doors more than a skating rink during a single day?  Your skating rink software should assist in managing your employees labor hours, and schedules for those multiple sessions during the day.
  2. Session Management – All Point of Sale software calculate revenue for a given day; however a skating rink does not review their revenue just by day.  Skating rinks measure revenue by sessions.  Skating rink software should be able to identify the start and end of a session, and create reports to calculate the revenue and labor for each specific session during the day.
  3. Transaction Speed – If you have ever experienced the start of a session on a Friday night, then you can appreciate the importance of transaction speed.
  4. Concession and Redemption (The Stuff Shop) Management – From glow sticks to frozen pickle juice, skating rink point of sale software should assist in keeping the inventory and tracking the sales.  Some skating rinks are even taking advantage of digital signage software that interfaces directly to the point of sale to display their menus and advertise their products and special offerings.
  5. Birthday Party Management – Birthday parties rank pretty high on the importance meter for skating rinks.  Skating rink software should provide assistance in managing the parties, from the initial booking (either on the phone or online), to taking a deposit, emailing reservation forms, making adjustments on the go, and dispersing revenue correctly per session and per department.

If your current skating rink software is not meeting these basic needs, you are probably wasting a lot of valuable time and money in labor.

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