Before asking your guests to sign, make sure your company’s release form is optimized for safety, legality and a positive customer experience.

Waivers are an essential part of running many attraction-based businesses such as trampoline parks and warrior courses. Even many family entertainment centers now use waivers as a way to protect their facilities and remind guests that safety is a priority. But what are the key considerations when creating your facility’s guest waiver?

1. An Online Version

Everything is online these days, and making your waiver available for guests to complete online is now a necessity. Your waiver should be easily accessible from your homepage, when guests purchase tickets, in your birthday party invitations, and basically anywhere else on your website where guests make decisions.

2. Ease of Use

Remember to minimize barriers for people to conduct business with you. Make sure that parents are able to include multiple children quickly and painlessly so that they’ll already have a subconscious positive view of your facility before arrival.

3. Opt-In Marketing Language

Waivers are great database-makers because your facility receives contact information, birthdays, and family member names.  Additionally, if guests visit you once, they’re more likely to return for a birthday party, Jump Fitness or Family Fun Night if they receive targeted marketing about those events.

4. Photo Release Consent Check Box

It’s advantageous to have the option of posting pictures of guests in your facility in marketing materials and on social media. Using your waiver for the purpose of also getting permission to photograph and use those pictures makes it easier for both you and your guests.

5. Legal Counsel Review

All legal language regarding risks, indemnification, etc. should be reviewed carefully by your legal counsel before being used. It may seem easy to just copy and paste waiver text from a competitor’s website or a waiver found online, but remember that laws and responsibilities vary greatly by country and state. It’s best for the language to be carefully vetted for your facility’s protection.

A waiver helps protect your guests and your company, but it has the potential to be so much more. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s on the legal language, but take the extra step to make your waiver user-friendly and simple to follow. By optimizing the one form all guests must complete, you can make the most of this opportunity to produce a positive guest experience.

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