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It’s no secret that implementing a cashless system at games and attractions can help you drive revenue and capture important usage behavior. Pairing an integrated cashless system like Semnox with the rest of the Advantage suite and you can leverage the best of both worlds: improved game sales and the power of Advantage to centrally manage sales, events, payments, and reporting for all sales and inventory in your facility.

Read on for five features of our latest integration with cashless system partner, Semnox.

No. 1: Sell and load game cards seamlessly. 

Guests want easy buying experiences. With the new integration, you’re able to sell and load cards and other NFC media for anything you offer online, onsite, or at Semnox kiosks. Cards can be loaded with packages and individual attraction passes, value, time play, arcade credit or redemption bonuses, used as player and payment media, and to access attractions and games outfitted with Semnox card/media readers.

No. 2: Manage card and transaction histories centrally.

Game cards and other wearable media are an important part of your facility’s experience, and you need ways to make those experiences memorable in all the right ways. With an integrated card solution, guests can not only register and check card balances on kiosks, but you can also make doing so a personalized interaction they have with staff. Team members can attribute card sales to a specific guest just like you’ve done with the Advantage cards used in the past. Check value and points balances, help guests when they’ve lost their cards, and view transaction histories when they’ve had an issue with a game easily from any Advantage station.

No. 3: Prepare event media securely and efficiently. 

When preparing for a weekend’s worth of events, you need to move fast when preparing inclusions and game cards. The new integration allows you to load all the attractions and gameplay included in a party directly from the event in your Advantage Software.

You can quickly and securely load multiple cards for an event without having to process each one manually. Want to add value, attractions, or additional game time onto a card during the party? You’re able to quickly select all or some of the cards you’d previously scanned to add more fun to the card – even while they’re in use in your facility.

No. 4: Process redemption transactions swiftly. 

As the last chance to leave a good impression, your Redemption experience is a critical piece of your guest experience puzzle. CenterEdge’s integration with Semnox allows you to leverage the power of CenterEdge Redemption and points and bonus programs uniquely configured in each system. Simply scan your guests’ card or player media and instantly gain access to their redemption winnings, with no manual process required. Guest data, winnings, and value can easily be stored on the card, in your guest profiles, or both. It’s your choice. As guests select their prizes and redeem their points, they’re automatically deducted from their cards while prize inventory is tracked and synched instantly within Advantage Inventory Management.

No. 5: Capture and report revenue smoothly. 

When Semnox cards or wearable media are purchased or used at your facility, all of the sales data posts to CenterEdge Advantage reports like any other offering, so there’s no time spent reconciling multiple reports to try and make sense of your revenue.

Post card and kiosk sales on the date of purchase, or implement a deferred revenue approach to post revenue as card value is consumed at games and attractions, whichever way makes the most sense for your business.

At CenterEdge, we know that your game room and attractions are an essential part of your revenue-building potential. That’s why we’ve made it a point to offer strong integrations to the leading card systems in the industry. To learn more about our latest integration with Semnox or to compare integration functionality, view our integrations page here or contact us at

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