Increased sales, smoother guest experiences, and an efficient operation are just some of the benefits of a customized solution.

When you operate an entertainment venue with various attractions and offerings, you need a way to manage all the details of sales, scheduling, waivers, and inventory. However, when many operators start out, they do so on a smaller scale without understanding that their needs will often shift over time. And as facilities evolve, so do their software needs. The result is often a disjointed facility management experience lacking efficiency and reporting.

The CenterEdge Advantage Suite comes with native core features that every entertainment venue can use to maintain a smooth and profitable operation. And when you combine those core features with niche software or hardware integrations, the result is a seamless facility management platform that gives you the best of everything: purpose-built software for a particular function with centralized management and reporting. Read on for five integrations you can use to improve your guest, team, and owner experience.

No. 1: Boost revenue and profitability with Mobile Food & Beverage. 

A food and beverage operation is unique and needs purpose-built software. With Advantage Food & Beverage, you can manage every aspect of your dining experience from within your existing Advantage Software. Features for inventory and recipe management, table management, and food prep are essential. But how can you maximize food and beverage programs in a busy entertainment venue?

Guests enjoying other areas of your facility don’t always want to interrupt their fun to walk to a counter or sit down in your restaurant or cafe, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose out on food and beverage sales. CenterEdge’s Advantage Suite of Software offers several ways to boost revenue and streamline profitability.

Mobile Food and Beverage, available through CenterEdge’s integration with Mobile F&B Partner Truffle, allows your guests to order food from anywhere. All sales and orders are seamlessly sent to your kitchen as usual, and items, sales, and inventory are tracked in native Advantage Reporting like any other offering. Additionally, when you pair with a secure food locker, you benefit from streamlined labor and guest experience. Kitchen staff simply finish orders and place them into climate-controlled lockers to be picked up by guests when the orders are ready. This approach gives your guests more control over their experience while you maintain quality and order accuracy while reducing labor costs.

No. 2: Streamline card system sales and usage with integrated cashless providers. 

It’s no secret that cashless systems such as leading integration partners Embed, Intercard, Sacoa, and Semnox can help you earn more revenue by removing purchase barriers. They also allow you to adopt multiple game pricing strategies, such as happy hour or holiday pricing, like you can for attractions and other offerings inside Advantage Sales.

When you combine a cashless card reader system for games and attractions with the CenterEdge Advantage suite, you get the best of both: the ability to utilize all the cashless system features you love and access to the fully integrated Advantage Suite features and consolidated reporting for gameplay and kiosk sales.

No. 3. Save time and money with integrated credit card card processing.

You need a fast resolution when you have an issue taking a payment on a busy day. An integrated solution like CenterEdge Payments allows you to resolve issues faster because you have a single provider to call, regardless of whether it’s a payment or software issue.

Also, integrating a payment solution into entertainment industry-specific software means that your processing solution stays in step with your unique industry and interests, saving you time and money.

For example, there has been a growing demand for the ability to offset processing costs through pricing programs like merchant surcharging or cash discounting, particularly in the retail and hospitality industries. Seeing and hearing from clients who were in favor of a dual pricing approach led CenterEdge to develop a safe, compliant approach that has been saving users, on average, 96% of their payment processing costs.

No. 4: Make the most of best-in-class hardware.

As mentioned earlier, thriving entertainment facilities need customizable software. Hardware tools like Hybrid tablets, kitchen display systems, portable scanners, receipts and wristband printers, and signature capture pin pads can also make a huge difference in your guest experience.

For instance, a CenterEdge Hybrid Tablet is a portable point-of-sale that gives you complete access to your entire Advantage Suite. Use for line-busting, laneside or cabanaside food & beverage sales, party check-ins and ancillary sales, gift card sales events, and more. These powerful hardware add-ons can give you an extra station anywhere you need it, and when combined with other peripherals, you’re able to develop precisely the guest experience you desire.

No. 5: Start strong with a fully customizable solution that grows with you.

When launching a new entertainment venue, it’s important to consider how your business may change over time and to pick a solution that can adapt as your business grows. Choosing a customizable platform from the start ensures that you can easily incorporate new attractions, adapt to market trends, and meet evolving operational needs. This flexibility not only streamlines expansion but also saves future time and money costs of having to switch solutions later on.

The right facility management partner can make or break your guest experience, so be sure to do your research from the start. To learn more about how CenterEdge can help you manage it all, schedule your own personalized demo.

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