You’ve built your family entertainment center, complete with numerous activities that will be “fun for the entire family.” You’ve hired cashiers, bought the cash registers. The doors open and in come the crowds. Cash and credit card transactions are moving at a rapid pace. Everything is going well, until a family comes in for the party that they scheduled but you can’t find it flipping through pages of your schedule book. You scramble to accomodate the party but they can tell that you’re not prepared.

Birthday parties are critical to your business: they contribute significant revenue to your bottom line, they introduce new customers to your facility and they can help you to raise a generation of loyal fans. Birthday parties are one area where you can’t afford to have mixups. Family Entertainment Center software can ease these scheduling pains and let you focus on what’s important: your guests.

1 – Guests can book their own parties online, while you sleep

We’ve written previously about the benefits of offering online party booking, but we can’t stress it enough. When you offer your guests the ability to book their own parties online, you are offering them the ability to save you time and money by reducing the hours you need to man your phones. Additionally, you will see your party bookings increase since your guests will have multiple options for booking parties: online, on the phone, or at your facility. The more ways you give them to book a party, the fewer reasons they will have to not do it.

2 – Automatically record booking details

There are often times that you wish you knew more information about how a party was booked. You might need to know which employee booked a specific party or when the party was originally booked, for example. If there is a problem with the booking, you can hold the employee that booked it accountable. A schedule book can record the basics but more detailed information like this is lost.

3 – Access the party schedule from any computer in the facility

With an old-fashioned party schedule book, if the book is misplaced, your entire facility might be in turmoil while everyone searches for it. Or if you have multiple customers that want to book a party at once, only one employee can be working in the book at a time. When your birthday schedule is in your FEC software, any computer in the facility can be looking at the schedule simultaneously. This gives you more flexibility and makes the booking process work a little smoother.

4 – Booking a birthday party is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Turnover is typically pretty high at family entertainment centers, so you end up spending a lot of time, energy and money training employees. With FEC software, booking a party is a simple, step-by-step process. Once your party packages are set up, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to teach a new employee the basics of booking a party.

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