In one of my recent blogs regarding the calculation of the ROI for a FEC point of sale system, I mentioned “management labor reduction” as an area of improvement.  In retrospect, I think improved management efficiency would have been more appropriate, although labor reduction can be assumed as well.

For example, how many hours does your management spend on accounting?  I was once told by one of our clients that we saved her between 20-30 hours a week in accounting alone.  When I asked how, she stated that our reporting was so detailed compared to what she was used to, that her Quickbooks entries were simple.  Then we developed a Quickbooks integration, and with one click, she was able to import all of her revenue records into accounting books.  These same records can be exported to a file, making it easy to import into many different accounting packages.

In addition to accounting, another time consuming chore is employee scheduling.  Back in the early ’90’s when I was in operations, I recall the hours spent working in spreadsheets scheduling employees for their shifts.  Attempts to keep up with who requested what shift, who was scheduled off, who was qualified to work specific positions and how many people I was to schedule for specific budgeted days were futile.  I was constantly finalizing, distributing, adjusting, re-distributing; until the last day of the week, when it was time to start all over again.  Point of sale systems with built in employee scheduling now alleviate management from those painstaking tasks, by documenting time off requests, shift requests, certifications and much more.  With quick drag and drop techniques, creating a schedule in your point of sale is simple and more importantly…FAST; allowing your management to focus on operating the business.

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While speaking about employee labor, one of the best ways to efficiently manage your FEC is to know what your labor is compared to your revenue at any given time.  When is the magic time to call more people in or let employees go home early?  By using a POS combined with time clock and employee scheduling, you and your managers can know by the click of a button how much labor your are spending and how much revenue you have accumulated in real time.  By using a built in notification system, you can also have these reports automatically sent to your email or phone which will allow you to manage your business remotely.

At the end of the day, how long does it take your managers to close the day?  How happy would your managers be if they could leave soon after closing?  How happy would you be saving those labor dollars?  With a point of sale, the end of day procedures are quicker and more efficient.  We have locations reporting to us that what used to take hours, now is less than 5 minutes of report generation.  That’s a lot of money and time being saved!

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