Is your skating rink still operating using a cigar box or a cash register?  Have you ever considered adding a point of sale system to your skating rink, but thought that the benefits didn’t outweigh the cost?  Well, at CenterEdge Software we don’t believe that’s true.  The fact is, the return on investment for a new point of sale and birthday reservation system in a skating rink really makes the decision a no-brainer.

1.  Control employee theft – In any entertainment business, employee theft is a major problem.  Skating rinks are no exception.  In fact, since many skating rinks are being operated by employees while owners are away, and a high percentage of their business is cash, they are even more susceptible than some other businesses.  A quality skating rink point of sale solution can make a big impact in employee theft.

2.  Better Marketing Data – If you use a cash register to operate your skating rink, your marketing data consists primarily of just the “feel” you get watching customers come in the door.  While this definitely has value, think of how much more information you can get with a modern skating rink point of sale?  You can track how coupons and promotions perform, operate customery loyalty programs to drive repeat business, and capture demographic information from your customers.  All of this can be used to increase revenue at your skating rink.

3.  Reduce Your Labor Costs – Controlling labor costs is a key factor in operating any labor intensive business, and skating rinks are no exception.  A modern point of sale system can provide time clock and scheduling software that will help you keep labor costs in your skating rink down.  Plus, labor cost analysis reporting will help you see what times of day and days of week your labor is being put to the best use.

4.  Online Party Reservations – You simply can’t say enough about the power of online party reservations at any party center, including skating rinks.  In our modern, connected era, not having a complete online presense can easily cause you to lose business to your competition.  Some people fear the loss of the human touch, but really you’re just simplifing things for your customers.  So why not book birthday parties online at your skating rink?  You can drive more business, while simultaneously reducing your party booking labor.



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