Streamline and improve operations with these important features.

Running an FEC is easier than ever thanks to advances in technology, and now it’s possible to go a step further with a comprehensive facility management software solution. Helping to not only streamline and improve everyday operations, the right software will give you access to extra features that will help you run your business.

Take a look at some of the features you should be looking for in your software solution and see how your system stacks up against the most feature-rich systems in the FEC business.

No. 1: Create Additional Revenue: eCommerce Features

These days, eCommerce offerings are a must-have. In order for your FEC to keep up with the competition, you’ll need to offer a wide range of options available for purchase online. Admissions, capacity tickets, passes, packages, retail merchandise and gift cards are all examples of items that should be available for sale on your website.

Don’t miss out on these key elements just because your current system doesn’t offer you the ability to sell them. Operators benefit from online sales because the process helps capture revenue in advance, creating the opportunity for additional revenue with online booking convenience fees and even helping to reduce labor costs.

No. 2: Make it a Club: Memberships & Rewards Features

Memberships are another great way to boost revenue and encourage repeat business, and these programs can even be driven by automated recurring billing. The benefit of a comprehensive membership and rewards program is that it can incentivize a guest for all purchases in a facility, not just purchases that involve cashless system media. Memberships are dependable revenue streams for facilities and are also beneficial to guests looking for benefits and incentives.

No. 3: Book More: Party & Group Scheduling Features  

Look for software that offers extensive, user-friendly group and party scheduling features that include automated upselling prompts. Dynamic pricing ensures that package price points are upheld as certain package quantities or contents are changed. An RSVP and electronic invitation system captures marketing data not just from the host and guest of honor, but from all party attendees, easily growing your future marketing list with minimal effort.

Other systems often focus on the fixed room or space but do not take into consideration the various attractions that can be impacted as part of the booking process. It’s common that during a reservation, physical event space plus an attraction space (such as ten guests in the 1PM game of laser tag or onto your trampoline courts) need to be reserved. An integrated software solution like CenterEdge doesn’t just focus on physical event space, but also on all the attractions, areas and resources needed for the event.

No. 4: Sell More: Food & Beverage Features

Even if your food and beverage sales comprise a substantial chunk of your overall revenue, relying on just a food service POS—or even one in conjunction with a standalone cashless system—creates operational gaps and can severely limit long-term growth potential.

Food service POS systems provide only basic interface abilities and simply don’t offer adequate support for admission, membership management, online sales and event reservations, attraction capacity management and comprehensive game room cashless system integrations.

Instead, look for facility management software that can effectively streamline your kitchen operations with the use of features like kitchen display system operation, enhanced ordering modifiers and graphical seating. With a thoughtfully built-out food and beverage software component, you may find you don’t need a whole separate program to run your FEC’s restaurant.

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