Whether you are running an arcade, movie theater, skating rink or trampoline park, there is one operational consideration that is central to your business success – cash management.   If you are currently still working with a cash register, or even with paper and a cigar box (you know who you are), then you are spending more time, effort and money than you need to be managing the cash related aspect of your business. 

You could be having a lot more fun – and probably saving a good bit of money at the same time – just by adding a high-quality Point of Sales System to your facility.  “Bah” you say – “How much of a difference can there be between a dumb cash register and an integrated POS system?”  “Plenty,” says I – “and to help you along in your quest to achieve greater control of your bottom line (while reducing wait times in your other lines), let me offer you this unbiased (you should choose CenterEdge) list of 4 reasons you should chuck that cash box and bring on the touch-screen”:

  1. Maintaining Control – Do you notice that efficiency and customer service in your facility seem to drop a bit when you are away from the site?   POS systems give you the ability to track employee performance, compare sales volume on a day by day or even hour by hour basis across a date range – and ensure that only authorized staff have access to perform customer service related tasks.  In other words, you can tell who is selling harder, who is loafing when your back is turned, and who is giving their employee discounts to all their friends.

  2. Line Speeds and Accuracy = happier customers (my youngest son would say “more happier”… we’re working on that).  POS systems with touch-screens and barcode scanners allow you to stop relying on  your cashier’s mad keypad skills, and instead ensure that your items are sold quickly and at the correct price every time.

  3. Managing Specials and coupons etc.  One of our new customers shared with me why he was so excited about the installation of our Advantage POS system – they had literally pages of different coupons – many for the same deal but coming from different media (newspapers vs. school flyers etc.).  He wanted to keep track of which advertising campaigns were bringing in the best return, but his staff would just see the coupon and enter the deal without inputting the coupon number – making all his effort (and expense) practically worthless from a market research standpoint.  Now he will be scanning his barcoded coupons and printing out reports telling him what media is giving him the best bang for his advertising buck.

  4. Remote Management – with a POS system, you can see in real time exactly what is happening at each register from the solitude of your office (or from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy).  You are also able to make pricing changes and check stock levels on the fly, entering them one time and having those changes reflected instantly throughout you entire facility – and you don’t have to hope your 16-year-old cashiers remember that the cost of a soda changed.

Still need convincing?  There are plenty more reasons to make the switch – why not schedule a demo today and see for yourself?   


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