Have you considered purchasing a debit card system, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet?  What’s stopping you? 

Have you thought or heard “the readers are way too expensive”?, or “my customers won’t understand how to use it”, or “kids love tokens and redemption tickets”, or “the cards aren’t affordable”?  Let me debunk these myths.

Debit Card Readers are too expensive – Adding debit card readers to your facility is a capital expense.  In my opinion it no different than adding a new attraction, new carpeting, or a new pizza oven.  They are all intended to make your facility better.  The biggest advantage to adding a debit card system over other capital expenses is the combination of operating expense savings and revenue generating opportunities.  As Grey pointed out in his blog, “How is a Debit Card System Better Than Tokens and Tickets“, there are many advantages to a debit card system.  Some of the highlights are:

  • Debit card systems provide you the opportunity to analyze the pricing of your games, and adjust pricing by small increments, instead of by full token/quarter amounts.  This allows you to maximize your pricing without killing plays.
  • Day and time pricing – Debit card systems allow you to automatically change prices based on time and day.
  • Time play – When was the last time you could sell “time” with a token system?
  • VIP programs – Create and market a VIP system, encouraging your most loyal customers to spend more to gain more benefits, including discounted games.

How can you afford not to put in a debit card system?

My Customers won’t understand – I’ve been installing debit card systems since the mid ’90’s and have never seen a customer not quickly understand how to use the readers.  Heck, back in the ’90’s the readers were clunky, and most sucked in the card, taking it out the customers’ hands, and took multiple seconds to process the transaction.  Today the readers are simple and flashy.  Customers not only understand, in my opinion, you see them drawn to the readers, which encourages them to use it.

Kids Love Tokens and Tickets – This is otherwise known as the “Vegas feel”.  I can’t tell you how often someone has told me that they were afraid they would lose money, because their customers like the feel of all the tokens, or covering themselves in redemptions tickets. “You know…like Vegas?”  I always wonder, “have these people been to Vegas lately?”  Vegas is turning to debit card systems as well.  They are pumping in noises to simulate token drops, just like debit card readers can for your arcade.

Debit Cards are not affordable – The cards are an operating expense you can’t avoid, very similar to tokens and redemption tickets.  However the costs of cards should be much less than the continuous costs of token purchases and token management (pulls, counts, etc…).  My advice would be to shop around for cards.  Some debit card system providers will require you to purchase the cards from them. 

So if you have made the decision that you want to add a debit card system, but just can’t decide who to trust, please read my blog “Debit Card Systems – How Do You Choose Between Them?”  I’ll give you a hint….I suggest contacting Embed Card Systems.

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