For many entertainment facilities, liability waivers are an important key in keeping your insurance rates down.  Trampoline parks are certainly no exception to that rule.  But how do you handle those liability waivers without creating a paper handling nightmare?  In some states, you must keep the waiver for several years after a minor turns 18, which can be decades.  Here are some key ideas that can help control the monster.

1.  Signature capture is a great tool to use.  With a simple signature capture pad on your point of sale you can store the waiver as a simple image file in your computers.  This can also help to improve line speeds and customer satisfaction.  The customer no longer needs to fill out the paper, sign it, then wait for the cashier to enter the information into the computer.  Instead, it’s all one seamless step of data entry and signature.

2.  Another powerful tool in your trampoline park can be liability waiver kiosks.  Now, your cashiers don’t even do the data entry, the customer does it themselves.  Then the cashier can just review the data for completeness and accuracy, and sell the customer their ticket.  And since there is a “digital signature” by clicking an “I Agree” box, the waiver is once again stored digitally.

3.  Perhaps the best idea of all is online liability waivers.  What can be better than having your customer fill out the form online before they even come in?  On top of that, it allows parents and guardians who aren’t physically present to sign for their minor, all without involving a fax machine.  Plus, it still has all the advantages of the waiver kiosk.

Of course, depending on how your trampoline park operates, and your insurance company, all of these options may not work for you.  But even implementing just one of them can save you some major headaches.


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