You’ve added online party booking to your website, and now you want to know how to increase its effectiveness.  Here are 3 simple tips to increase the revenue of your online birthday reservations.

1.  Don’t make them search! – Advertise that you allow online party bookings, and do not simply put a link with “Click Here For Party Booking”.  Create or buy a fun image and insert a link redirecting the image to your birthday booking page.

Post this image on every page of your website.  Who cares if they are viewing an unrelated page?  The more they see that you offer online party bookings, the more likely they will remember when they are booking their next birthday party.

2.  Don’t be afraid to lose the human touch – I often hear “we don’t want to let them book online, because we want to keep the human touch”, or “I just want to allow them to reserve the basics, so we don’t lose the human touch.”  What they are really afraid of is losing the potential to upsale.  The feeling is that if we aren’t talking to the customer, they won’t purchase the extras we want to sell them.

I agree…to a point.  There is no better salesperson than a real person; however your website is a selling tool, so let it do its job.  By adding the “extras” to your online party booking, you provide your customer the opportunity to purchase more while they are in the buying mood.  Your sales people will still have the opportunity to upsale them when they speak; however what is the likelihood the customer is out of the spontaneous purchase mode?  Sell them while they are buying!!!

3.  Charge a convenience fee – You are probably thinking “no way I can charge someone to book their party online”.  You might also be thinking “I should discount my online booking offers to increase online sales.”  I think you should do just the opposite. 

Today people would prefer to book online, in the comfort of their home, at a time of their choosing, rather than call and speak to a salesperson during the operating hours of the company.  Since you are making it more convenient for them, why not profit from it?  Have you purchased a concert ticket, paid a bill, registered with the DMV lately?  They all charge convenience charge.  Why should you be any different? What’s $5/$10 more when booking a $300+ party?


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