Lately, I have been seeing a number of clients with POS screens chock full o’ buttons – so packed in fact that it is actually slowing line speed while young cashiers hunt through several tabs as they peck out the customer’s order.  This filling of the screen is typically a gradual process – sort of like a sock drawer – it doesn’t get packed all at once, but little by little new socks get added until it is overflowing with every kind of sock except the one you are looking for.

So what is the answer to the inevitable sock-drawerification of your Point of Sales System?  Well, if you are using the CenterEdge Advantage POS system the answer is… tables.

table callout

Tables in CenterEdge allow you to organize a number of related buttons off of your main POS screens and access them through a single button.  You can organize them in any way you like, giving you the flexibility for example to group all of your soda flavors under a single “Small Drink” button – then re-use that soda flavors table on a “Medium Drink” and a “Large Drink” – saving you both set-up time and screen real-estate.  Other common uses of tables would be for items that have multiple sizes for the same type of item (t-shirts for example), or just to group similar items (i.e. Combo Meals).


So if you are a CenterEdge customer who has been using our system for a while, it may be time to take a fresh look at your POS screens and get them organized for better efficiency.   If you are not using CenterEdge – you should schedule a demo today and see what you have been missing!


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