Cashless Operation

Don’t make your guests pull out their wallet for every ride, game, or hot dog. CenterEdge offers a variety of cashless payment options and even integrates with all of the leading game room cashless hardware providers, giving you freedom of choice – and giving your guests a great experience.

CenterEdge lets you create a truly cashless facility, giving your guests added convenience and control of their experience. Eliminate purchase barriers with wristbands, cards or RFID media, and keep the transactions flowing with a total facility cashless solution.

Build a True Cashless Experience

Empower your guests to take control of their entertainment experience.

Guests can easily store purchased value on their account for future spending.

Tokenized tender transforms admission wristbands into a convenient payment method.

Accept cashless media for games, rides, food and beverage or retail purchases.

Accurately post sales and track liabilities with deferred revenue accounting.

Integrate with all leading game room cashless hardware providers with ease.

Why Go Cashless?

Cashless operation can simplify the overall guest experience and grow revenue by eliminating purchase hurdles and increasing impulse spending. Utilize CenterEdge’s stored-value media and tokenized tender options for added guest control and purchasing power, and deliver a full facility cashless experience by using our integration with one of the leading game room cashless payment systems. Whether you use wristbands, cards or RFID media, allow your guests to do more with less hassle!

  • Allow cashless transactions for games, food, beverages, retail items and more
  • Set daily spending limits for individuals and families using tokenized tender
  • Control payment token expiration for added security
  • Utilize any cashless media, including waterproof splash cash
  • Supports timed play, play privileges, and ticketless redemption with the leading game room cashless systems
  • Deferred revenue accounting prevents overstating sales and tax liabilities

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