Leadership Team

Marcus Mayer
Chief Executive Officer

Marcus Mayer grew up in the theme park world. As a teenager, Marcus worked at Opryland, making his way through the management ranks and finally culminating in a move to San Antonio to assist in the opening of Fiesta, Texas as the Attractions Supervisor and overseeing all theme park rides. There, Marcus began to see just how important software was in the entertainment industry and following his tenure, he was hired as the VP of Technical Services for an industry software provider.

Not seeing a software solution on the market that truly met the growing needs of the evolving family entertainment center industry, Marcus assembled the team that went on to create CenterEdge Software in 2004. Marcus is passionate about incorporating technology to improve the overall customer experience, achieve operational efficiency and drive business growth for CenterEdge’s clients.

Grey Burnett
Chief Financial Officer

Grey Burnett has been able to use his financial experience, exceptional customer service, leadership and organizational skills to enhance operations at CenterEdge for the past several years. Even before CenterEdge was created, Grey worked with Palace Pointe, CenterEdge’s sister company and family entertainment center, in the early 2000’s. His keen eye for use of capital and other resources didn’t go unnoticed, and in 2011, he left public accounting and returned to CenterEdge.

Today, Grey is responsible for the financial and human resources teams of both CenterEdge and Palace Pointe.

Chris Johnson
Chief Operating Officer

Chris Johnson has both operational and software development project expertise, making him adept at navigating both client relationships and project management timelines. For ten years prior joining CenterEdge, Chris held various cross-departmental roles in other software sectors.

Chris is responsible for the daily operation of CenterEdge’s operations department serving our clients in every phase of their partnership, including onboarding training, installation and technical support. He works hands-on with CenterEdge leadership, team members and clients to ensure the day to day business activities are well planned and operating smoothly, and that the quality of work and services performed to reflect the company standards, and continue to grow with our clients’ needs.

Kevin McKiernan
Chief Technology Officer

Kevin McKiernan has two decades worth of experience in technology, working in the trenches in both large and small IT companies. A Carnegie Mellon graduate, Kevin is especially skilled in building high-performing software development teams.

With CenterEdge’s continued growth, Kevin’s expertise was needed and he joined the company in 2017.  He now leads CenterEdge’s software development, quality assurance, and internal IT operations. He oversees the design, development, and delivery for CenterEdge Advantage and the future of CenterEdge software products both on-premise and in the cloud.

Sandra Welch
Director of Product

Sandra Welch combines her leadership and project management expertise to provide strategic and tactical direction for the delivery of the CenterEdge product suite. A seasoned manager, Sandra spent her first three years at CenterEdge leading the company’s training team to learn and understand the unique needs of our CenterEdge client base and targeted market segments, before moving to the product development team to bring the true voice of the customer to CenterEdge development.

Today she is responsible for leading product planning and execution of the company’s product teams.

Sherry Howell
Brand Engagement Director

Sherry Howell is a passionate, driven professional with more than nine years of experience training teachers, trainers and front-line teams in the U.S. and internationally. Sherry has extensive experience in employee recognition, teaching and training. In 2016, she found her home at CenterEdge and is focused on people-first management and developing company culture to build and grow high-performing work teams.

Sherry also pens the CenterEdge blogs, packed with useful bits of information every week. Sherry says, “My main core value in life is to “be the change”, and that’s what I love about the amusement industry. We have a real opportunity to help change the way families, teams and coworkers interact with each other and make lifetime memories. I’m proud of that, and CenterEdge’s place in it.”

Audrey Parker
Director of Human Resources

Audrey Parker has held a varied and extensive career focused on helping companies manage their teams better. Her background includes a history of advancing operational strategies through effective management, education and process improvements. Audrey is responsible for all talent acquisition, personnel, compliance, employee relations, employee engagement, staff development, benefits and equal employment opportunity functions.

Merrik Keller
Director of Business Development

Merrik Keller spent the early part of his career in operations and general management of various entertainment venues across the Northeast. This fed his passion for technology systems aimed at the industry and has spent more than 20 years directing the sales and business development efforts of several leading solutions providers.

In 2014, Merrik joined CenterEdge to refine the company’s sales practices and its positioning within the market segments it serves. Today, Merrik works alongside the leadership team to identify, develop, and implement new business strategies to further the growth of CenterEdge.


“Our increased profitability is due in large part to CenterEdge. The software has paid for itself in less than two years. Through all my research and conversations with peers in the industry, I feel CenterEdge’s support is the best." - Jeff Frye, Owner Gattitown