Group Sales

Group sales software is often seen as a necessary evil to contain scheduling information and a customer database. But why does it have to be that way? Why can’t group sales software be an integrated solution that ties scheduling, a customer database and Point of Sale together in an easy-to-use solution for your corporate events, schools, daycares, and more?

That is what we asked ourselves when we began work on Advantage Groups. We strived to make sure that it would fit a wide variety of needs in order to satisfy the broadest number of clients. We feel confident that you will be more than satisfied with the solution that we have created.

  • Great for booking events for corporations, schools, daycares, civic organizations, and more
  • Excellent integration with our Point of Sale application
  • Quick and easy bookings using an Outlook-like calendar
  • Detailed historical tracking and reporting
  • Intelligent handling of deposits and accounting

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CenterEdge Software is by far one of the best & most innovative software companies to work with. Kim Williams, The Funplex
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  • Track your upcoming events on the calendar, with area assignments

  • Use block scheduling for pre-defined times, or open scheduling for flexibility

  • Keep track of the number of people using each area to prevent overbooking

  • Take, refund, and track deposits

  • Integrates with our A/R system for tracking remaining balances after the event is complete

  • Accept and track gratuities for event hosts

  • Can automatically adjust items sold and event totals based on the number of people attending

  • Our scheduling module uses a friendly and familiar Microsoft Outlook style interface to make scheduling as simple as possible

  • Build information for a group once and use it for all of their future events - no retyping necessary!

  • Pull up a customer's past events for reference

  • Easily email event reservation information or invoices to customers

  • Send food orders to printers in your kitchen automatically

  • Generate gift or arcade cards in bulk, without swiping each card

  • Create unique packages to accommodate your parties and events

  • Detailed reports provide excellent historical information

  • Track group spending habits to offer special discounts to your very best customers

  • Use your customer database to create mass mailing lists or e-mailing lists

  • The inventory database is fully integrated with the Point of Sale inventory so there is no need to create an inventory item twice, and inventories are automatically adjusted

  • Cash control is fully integrated with Point of Sale, so you can perform your cash control activities as quickly as possible

  • Quickly and easily send sales and income data to Quickbooks