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CenterEdge's newest Advantage software has been designed from the ground up to be one of the most reliable, consistent, efficient and user-friendly facility management software packages available. Advantage was built around the idea of including features that make management easier. For example, Advantage easily integrates with QuickBooks.

The primary purpose of the CenterEdge Advantage software suite is to provide our customers with a single software package which can be used to manage your entire facility. Combining all the parts of your facility into a single software suite provides two major advantages for your operations. First, it simplifies management by allowing you to control everything from a single application. Second, you can view detailed reports for your entire facility which allow you to make better business decisions.


  • Party Scheduling, Deposits, Gratuities, Online Bookings

  • Customer Database, Scheduling, Deposits, Capacity Management

  • Admissions & Ticketing, Retail Stores, Food & Beverage, Box Office Sales, Player Cards & Gift Cards, Consignment Ticketing

  • Barcoded Inventory & Tickets, Employee Security, Automatic Calculations, Customer Accounts

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