Time Clock & Scheduling

Sure, you can always put a time clock in your break room and let your employees punch in. And you can make your schedules in Excel and print them out for everyone. But it doesn’t deliver nearly the power and flexibility that is provided by Advantage Time Clock.

  • Use only the time clock, or use the scheduling features for even more control over your business
  • Integrated reporting helps you easily compare labor costs to sales figures
  • Control labor costs using schedule budgets and scheduled vs. worked comparisons
  • Easily create schedules and distribute them to your employees

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CenterEdge Software is by far one of the best & most innovative software companies to work with. Kim Williams, The Funplex
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  • Integrates directly into all CenterEdge Advantage applications
  • Export time clock data to Excel for easy import into payroll software
  • Send messages to individual employees and/or entire departments
  • Support for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods
  • Support for weekly and daily overtime calculations
  • Optionally supports biometric fingerprint identification
  • Restrict when employees can clock in based upon their schedules
  • Visual calendar allows easy creation and management of schedules
  • Rapidly create schedules using schedule templates
  • Track when employees are available with easy color-coding
  • Employees can view and print their schedule from any computer operating the CenterEdge Advantage software
  • Multiple reports to aid in analyzing your labor costs
  • Track labor costs by work department
  • Projected labor budgets as you are building schedules help to control labor costs
  • Checks to prevent scheduling of minors for more than the time allowed by law
  • Compare your scheduled budget to actual labor costs to help track and prevent overruns