Security Cameras

Along with having a solid Point of Sale, a Security Camera system is the first line of defense against employee theft.   CenterEdge has taken steps to merge these two loss prevention tools by writing an interface to DTT Surveillance.  Through the interface, our receipt text information will be displayed and stored into the DTT Surveillance DVR. This will allow you to reference specific transactions and/or groups of anamolies (i.e. clicking "Void" too frequently), and actually watch the video of each transaction.

  • Use of existing cameras will be possible in many locations
  • Watch transactions from home
  • Ease of mind that all employee transactions are being recorded and videoed


CenterEdge Software is by far one of the best & most innovative software companies to work with. Kim Williams, The Funplex
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  • Use of existing cameras where possible

  • Low cost for high security
  • Correlate all POS line items with live video to visually see all POS transactions for each cash handler.
  • All transactions recorded with overlayed receipt text
  • Search archived text for any combination of key words, numeric instances, voids, refunds, etc
  • Flag specific instances to be stored separately for easy retrieval.
  • Multiple reports to assist in searching for troubled areas
  • Additional services offered by DTT Surveillance: Employee tip line, back ground checks, and forensic investigations